Kennel Friia’s development

The purpose with our breeding is to breed flatcoats of the same type as Reginald Cookes Grouse of Riverside, our own Varingo Stormbrook or his brother Chris Gwilliams Varingo Richboy.             

Type is in our opinion both working ability, temperament and a functionel exterior.  The dogs have to be healthy, stylish, move well, have a nice temperament, trainability, immediate and willing obedience, courage, determination and speed in working and retrieving  and gamefinding ability.  The tempereament is most importent, since it forms the basis of a good family- and shootingdog.

We have since 1989 imported six flatcoats from United Kingdom og one from Sweden.  It have primary been bloodlines from Claverdon, Tarncourt, Collyer og Warresmere.  It is working-lines, there have proved there worth in field trials in many generations.  We are only interested in dogs, there have been tried in the field.

Version 2

For the moment we have two different bitchlines in the kennel. All contain a significant quantity bloodlines fra Warresmere.  A bitchline goes back to Frigg and in this line comes blood from Rum Punch of Warresmere through Whimsey of Warresmere and Warresmere Cedar.  One bitchline has been imported from United Kingdom and goes back to Kenn Butlers famous bitch, Warresmere Cedar. 

We have recently imported two young dogs. Flatgold Ginger Luke from Kennel Flatgold in Germany and  Percuil Comet from Great Britain

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