Varingo Stormbrook. – it is only a memory now

Varingo Stormbrook (Brook) was born 09. 07. 1994, DKK reg.: 13437/95, Hips: A, Hips Index: 121, Elbows: 0, Eyes: Free.

Field Trial: 1 x 2. winner and 1 x 3. winner in Field Trials Winner Class (Open Stake) and 2 x 2. winner and 1 x 4 winner in cold game test. Three of the winning placements were in AV competition and he was not trailed much, my fault - working too much.

Brook died Nov. 1. 2007.  He was out of Claverdon Raffles of Collier and Feathers Boa, lines going back to Collyer, Tarncourt, Claverdon and Warresmere. There were three male dogs in the litter and all were trail and got field trials award. I got two dogs from the litter - Varingo Stormbrok and Varingo Catrin.

Varingo Stormbrook billed

Brook was one of the dogs who did make a difference, both for the owner and those who knew him. He was extremely obedient while he was explosive in his work. Even in the autumn of 2006, twelve years old, he was picking up the whole season and although the pace was not what it had been, he found more birds than most others because of his game finding abilities and great experience. Brook had what you would call style. He was very fast and sensitive and it was a delight to the eye when he worked, hunting an area. He was at the same time very calm, often he was laying down under the drive, but even in this position he marked every bird shoot. He has never run in and he has never been ill, and 13 years old, he moved without signs of arthritis or the like.

Brook learned direction almost by himself and stopped like a border collie on the whistle with his forelegs down, his head lowered and a fixed glance at me, the muscles tight, anticipated the smallest movement of his handler. He was a clever boy and when he got scent, he didn’t lose it. Countless are the experiences I've had with him, and stories I could tell about him both in trials and picking up, for example, a day, when we were picking up at Holsteinborg Estate. Brook was sitting together with two other flatcoats in front of me while we waited for the drive. Suddenly he got up and walked behind me to relieve himself, he went back to his place and sat down without I had to say a word. Then he was ready. He knew his work and had a great will to please and do the right thing. 

Brook became the father of two Field Trail champions and many good dogs who was Field Trial winner or got a FT award. I have tried to be in a trial with him, where one of his daughters Friia Agnar Kia (FTW) became 1st winner and Brook became 2nd winner. One of his other daughters SE JCh. Friia Agnar Windy, owned by Kennel Zebulon, was particularly successful. Windy became best minor breed and best retriever on the Swedish team at a major international working test in England. She became No. 3 of the 18 dogs on Friday and represented Europe team in the big competition Jeep International. From Windy’s line there are two other topbitches: SEJCH Zebulons Friia Gold Shirstone and FIJCH Zebulon Windy Peg.  

Brook has made a deep mark in my own breeding and will continue to do so and his male line is together with his brother Varingo Richboy behind a lot of topdogs in Scandinavia.  Stormbrook is behind: DK BRCH Holly Hunters Woody Guthrie, Holly Hunters Jasper (FTA), SE JCH Friia Agnar Windy, SE JCH Zebulons Friia Gold Shirstone, FIJCH Zebulon Windy Peg, Friia Agnar Kia (FTW, FTA), Chirley Rosly Dandy (FTA). DK BRCH Bjugel’s Djubrook Holly, Rosebell’s Al Bundy (FTA), Foldager’s Bell Armstrong (FTA).  Brooks male line goes on from Holly Hunter’s Woody Guthrie mated with the quality bich N JCH SE JCH Duckstream Craggenmore. This litter gave four topdogs: N  JCh SE JCH Waternuts Man of the Moment, SE SPCH DK BRCH Nord JCH Waternuts Caleigh, N JCH Waternuts Highland Cream, SE JCH Waternuts Sweet Science. Duckstream Craggenmore was later mated with Holly Hunter’s Jaspers where the bloodline from Brook was strengthened by blood from Varingo Richboy.  Jasper is father to the top winning dog SE JCh N JCH DK BRCH Waterman High and Mighty. 

Richboy is also father to DKBRCH DKJCH NORD JCH Reltub Black Velvet, who is in the bitch line in the Swedish topdog Zebulons Karrakatta, Winner of Flatmesterskabet 2017.

This strong male line from Claverdon Raffles of Collyer,  linebreed on Tarncourt Crofter and Claverdon Lucretia, was one of the great results of the british working group (Nancy Laughton, Joan Marsden and Amelia Jessel) who work hard to save and promote the working flatcoated retriever. 

If you are interested to know more about working and promoting the working flatcoated retriever, see more on this site, where you also can read more about the britisk working group:




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